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There is unallocated space on the system, but it’s impossible to extend the volume in Disk Management. The Extend Volume option is greyed out. How to quickly fix Extend Volume on the system and go on with other tasks? In this article, we will look at how to extend volume on the (C:) drive.

Extend volume greyed out in Disk Manager

You did add space to the Windows system and want to extend the volume. Unfortunately, in Disk Management, the Extend Volume is greyed out.

In this example, we like to extend the (C:) volume with 8.00 GB of unallocated space.

Extend Volume greyed out download FREE software DiskGenius

Fix extend volume greyed out

We need a FREE tool that extends the (C:) drive with unallocated space. Is there a tool we don’t have to pay for that is easy to use? Yes, there is.

We will use the software DiskGenius to extend the volume on (C:) drive.

The version we will use is DiskGenius DGEngSetup5431342.

Note: DiskGenius works for Windows clients and Windows Servers.

Extend Volume greyed out Disk Management

Extend volume greyed out (C:) drive

Go through the below steps to extend the volume:

Start DiskGenius.

Extend Volume greyed out DiskGenius

Right-click on Free > Select from menu Allocate Free Space To > Select from submenu Partition: Local Disk(C:).

Extend Volume greyed out allocate free space to

Click Yes.

Resize warning

Click OK.

Reboot computer warning

The Windows system will reboot, and DiskGenius will start in Preinstallation Environment (also known as Windows PE and WinPE).

Note: DiskGenius will automatically start in Windows PE after a reboot. Go through the steps, and reboot the system.

Extend Volume greyed out volume Windows PE

Windows system is back up. Let’s start Disk Management and check the (C:) volume.

Extend Volume greyed out volume extended

Everything looks great!

Did this help you to extend the volume in Windows?

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