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Start your 7-day SpamBull cloud spam filter trial

By March 25, 2024No Comments

The SpamBull cloud spam filter has a 7-day trial for everyone! So start a 7-day free trial to access all the features without spending a cent. This is great news for everyone managing and protecting the organizations from attacks.

SpamBull cloud spam filter

SpamBull is an advanced email filter that scans and filters your incoming email for spam, viruses, phishing, and other email–related attacks by botnets and spammers with 99.98% accuracy — all before it reaches your inbox. It’s specifically designed to avoid false positives, and it’s continually learning and evolving to protect you from new spamming techniques and threats.

Perfect for businesses, schools, and managed service providers:

  • Protect your IP and company reputation
  • Save time and money
  • Improve abuse manageability
  • Ensure continuous email delivery

Get the trial and try it out

Here is why you should try the SpamBull cloud spam filter:

  • Do you already have a cloud spam filter and thinking of changing to a cheaper solution?
  • Do you have an on-premises spam filter and want a cloud-based solution because you don’t want to worry about maintenance?

The SpamBull spam filter is the answer.

How easy it is to set up

Did you know that you will be up and running within 15 minutes or less? That’s right; it’s easy to configure the SpamBull spam filter for your organization.

The SpamBull spam filter works excellent for:

  • Exchange On-Premises
  • Exchange Hybrid
  • Exchange Online

Now is the time to get an account for the SpamBull spam filter and protect your domains for incoming and outgoing mail filtering.

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