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A Microsoft tenant has so many Microsoft admin centers and configuration settings. Checking if the security is on point every time can take much of your time. Everyone wants to have a security baseline so they know where to start or where to look. You can also see it as a security recommendations checklist. In this article, you will learn how to use a PowerShell script to get all the Microsoft 365 security recommendations and what the reports look like.

Secure Cloud Business Applications (SCuBA)

CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) created the Secure Cloud Business Applications (SCuBA) project, which provides guidance and capabilities to secure agencies’ cloud business application environments and protect federal information that is created, accessed, shared, and stored in those environments.

SCuBA will help secure Federal Civilian Executive Branch (FCEB) information assets stored within cloud environments through consistent, effective, modern, and manageable security configurations for the below products:

  1. Microsoft Defender for Office 365
  2. Microsoft Azure Active Directory
  3. Microsoft Exchange Online
  4. Microsoft Sharepoint and OneDrive for Business
  5. Microsoft Power BI
  6. Microsoft Power Platform
  7. Microsoft Teams

How to get a Microsoft 365 security baseline report

To create a Microsoft 365 security recommendations report, follow these steps:

Step 1. Download ScubaGear

Go to the official ScubaGear GitHub releases page and download the latest version. You need to download the Zip file.

Microsoft 365 security recommendations with PowerShell script download

Extract the folder in the Zip file and save it in C:\Temp. It’s best to rename the folder to ScubaGear without the version number.

ScubaGear folder in Temp folder

Step 2. Run ScubaGear SetUp.ps1 PowerShell script

Only PowerShell 5.1 is currently supported. PowerShell 7 may work, but has not been tested. Full PowerShell 7 support will be added in a future release.

Run PowerShell as administrator and run the Set-ExecutionPolicy to RemoteSigned or Unrestricted.

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

To install the module dependencies, open a new PowerShell 5.1 terminal and run SetUp.ps1 from the ScubaGear folder.


You can get the below error at the end:

Unable to download OPA executable. To try manually downloading, see details in README under ‘Download the required OPA executable’.

We will fix that error by manually downloading the OPA executable and placing the file in the correct folder.

Microsoft 365 security recommendations with PowerShell script error

Step 3. Download OPA executable

Download the OPA executable from here and paste it into C:\Temp\ScubaGear.

Microsoft 365 security recommendations with PowerShell script OPA

Check the downloaded OPA version.

C:\Temp\ScubaGear\.\opa_windows_amd64.exe version

This is how the output looks.

Version: 0.61.0
Build Commit: ea7a3e13c8fdceadeb199904facb4990fcb010f8
Build Timestamp: 2024-01-25T13:06:02Z
Build Hostname: c86b8b609133
Go Version: go1.21.5
Platform: windows/amd64
WebAssembly: available

Step 4. Run ScubaGear PowerShell script

Import the ScubaGear module into your session

Import-Module -Name "C:\Temp\ScubaGear\.\PowerShell\ScubaGear"

Run the script against all products and create a report.

Invoke-SCuBA -OPAPath "C:\Temp\ScubaGear\" -OutPath "C:\Temp\ScubaGear\"

Run the script against Microsoft Entra ID and create a report.

Invoke-SCuBA -OPAPath "C:\Temp\ScubaGear\" -ProductNames aad -OutPath "C:\Temp\ScubaGear"

Run the script against multiple products and create a report.

Invoke-SCuBA -OPAPath "C:\Temp\ScubaGear\" -ProductNames aad, exo, teams -OutPath "C:\Temp\ScubaGear"

Note: You will get a couple of Microsoft sign-in prompts where you have to enter your Microsoft 365 global administrator credentials. This is needed to retrieve the information from all the Microsoft products.

Step 5. Check Microsoft 365 security baseline report

An HTML report will appear automatically. If not, open the report from the folder.

Script reports folder

The report shows the Microsoft products and the details in numbers. Click on a product to view all the details with the information.

In our example, we will click on Exchange Online.

Microsoft 365 security recommendations with PowerShell script report html

The Exchange Online Baseline Report shows everything in excellent detail.

Microsoft 365 security recommendations with PowerShell script Exchange Online report

Look into it and fix what you can so the tests will pass the next time you run the report. Don’t immediately adjust every setting so the results will pass. Every organization is different, and you need to approach this carefully.

Disconnect SCuBA session

Disconnect from all the Microsoft sessions after you finish, or if you want to run it against another tenant.


That’s it!

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