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The red team is regarded as the aggressive part of the security apparatus. Red teams adopt the attacker’s mindset; they simulate real-world assaults and emulate the strategies and procedures of the adversary, search for weaknesses in an organization’s infrastructure, exploit such vulnerabilities, and report their discoveries.

There is a wide variety of architectural options available for red teaming. In this article, we’re going to look at the top five best C2 frameworks for red teaming. Each of these frameworks has a unique set of advantages and disadvantages; you will need to determine which is the best red team framework suited to meet your organization’s special requirements. Let’s get started!

What is Red Teaming And Features of the Best C2 Framework for Red Teaming?

 Red Teaming is a strategic security practice that closely examines an organization’s systems and strategies from an outside perspective. By carefully assessing potential vulnerabilities and threats, Red Teams can help organizations identify weaknesses in their defenses and take steps to mitigate those risks.

While no single best red team framework exists, several key elements are essential for effective Red Teaming. These include careful planning and coordination, various techniques to test an organization’s security posture, and continuous learning and improvement in response to assessment feedback.

Features of Best C2 Framework for Red Teaming

Following are some features of the best C2 framework for red teaming:

  1. Intuitive user interface: With its easy-to-use UI, the C2 Framework makes it simple to manage all aspects of your red team operations, from setting up targets and triggers to monitoring and responding to threats in real time.
  2. Advanced automation capabilities: The C2 Framework is fully automated, making it ideal for scaling your red team operations without sacrificing performance or accuracy. Whether you’re launching simultaneous targeted attacks against hundreds of targets or simulating large-scale cyberattacks, the C2 Framework can handle it all with ease.
  3. Robust security features: The C2 Framework is designed to keep your data and operations safe and secure with advanced encryption and authentication capabilities. Its granular permissions system ensures that only authorized users can access sensitive information and functions.
  4. Extensive third-party integrations: The C2 Framework offers seamless integration with various industry-leading tools and resources, including SIEMs, vulnerability scanners, IDS/IPS systems, threat intelligence platforms, and more. You can leverage your existing tools and resources to get the most out of your C2 Framework experience.


Cobalt Strike is a powerful penetration testing tool that allows you to execute advanced attacks against your targets. With Cobalt Strike, you can perform sophisticated phishing and drive-by download attacks, run remote shells on your targets, and more.

Whether performing an assessment for a client or conducting your research, the many features in Cobalt Strike make it easy to gain control over your target system quickly.


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The Benefits of Using Cobalt Strike

Using Cobalt Strike has several benefits for your organization’s security posture like: 

  • It makes managing your campaigns much more accessible. 
  • With its built-in tools for reconnaissance, you can gather information about target systems before launching an attack to ensure maximum success.
  • Its situational awareness capabilities also make it easy to identify potential red flags and adapt your campaign on the fly in response to environmental changes.
  • Its collaboration features allow you to share data with other team members to speed up the attack process.

Cobalt Strike is the best red team framework and a powerful tool for security professionals who want to stay ahead of attackers and keep their systems safe from compromise.

Why Choose Cobalt Strike?

Cobalt Strike provides a post-exploitation agent and covert channels, allowing you to imitate a silent, long-term implanted actor in your customer network. With Malleable C2, you can transform the appearance of your network indicators to make them resemble a different piece of malware each time.

These tools supplement the reliable social engineering process that Cobalt Strike provides, as well as its extensive collaboration capacity and one-of-a-kind reports that are meant to assist blue team training.


Metasploit is a powerful tool for penetration testing and security research. Security professionals use it to detect vulnerabilities, assess risk levels, and test defenses in a safe environment before attempting an actual attack.

Metasploit comes with an extensive library of exploits and payloads that can penetrate systems through vectors like remote code execution, web applications, server-side vulnerabilities, wireless networks, physical access, malware infection attempts, etc.

The Benefits of using Metasploit

The benefits of using Metasploit include the following:

  • Its large selection of exploit modules lets you take advantage of known vulnerabilities in different systems and applications. This enables you to assess your network’s security from multiple angles.
  • The built-in tools that allow you to plan easily, carry out and document your tests. This makes it easier to keep track of your progress and results over time.
  • The ability to extend Metasploit by creating custom modules, payloads, and exploit frameworks. This gives you even more options for testing your networks and sites.
  • The large community of users and developers who support the Metasploit project. This provides a wealth of knowledge, tips, and best practices that you can use to improve your testing skills and techniques.

Why Choose Metasploit?

The reasons to choose Metasploit for your organizational needs include:

  1. Quickly identify vulnerabilities in your systems: Metasploit allows you to scan for known holes and take advantage of unknown ones by letting you write custom code and scripts executed during scans.
  2. Exploit discovered vulnerabilities on your systems: With METAPLAY, you can use any exploit to compromise the target system with little effort and limited knowledge. This is especially helpful if an existing exploit isn’t available or a manual bypass method hasn’t been published yet.
  3. Modify exploits to suit your environment and needs: Metasploit lets you modify programs in a safe sandboxed environment before applying them to the actual targets so that they’re less likely to fail. You can also tailor the payloads to achieve your desired goals.
  4. Manage multiple exploits and targets through one interface: Metasploit’s intuitive UI allows you to easily organize your data to track what has or hasn’t been done and stay collected for different environments, targets, and tasks.


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Metasploit is a potent tool that lets you better assess your system security from a hacker’s perspective to protect it from future attacks.


Armitage is a graphical user interface (GUI) front-end written in Java and built by Raphael Mudge for the Metasploit Framework. Its purpose is to improve the understanding of hacking held by security experts and to make them more aware of the power and potential offered by Metasploit.

Benefits of Using Armitage 

One great thing about Armitage is that it’s straightforward to use and requires little or no prior hacking knowledge. Load up the software, choose your target IP range, select your targets in the Scan window, and you’re ready to go!

This makes it an excellent choice for beginners who want to learn more about penetration testing and seasoned professionals who don’t have time to perform all the different tasks that Armitage can handle manually.

Another great thing about Armitage is its ability to streamline and automate many everyday penetration testing tasks, such as enumeration, reconnaissance, scanning, brute forcing credentials, and attacking systems with malware.

This can significantly reduce the time needed to complete a security assessment, meaning you’ll be able to deliver your findings more quickly without sacrificing accuracy or attention to detail.

Why Choose Armitage?

Armitage is a program that can be used to control the security of your network, and it is powerful and packed with features. It enables you to do anything from scanning for weaknesses in your system to conducting password cracking and creating backdoors, simplifying the burden of managing massive networks. This makes administering large networks an easier chore.

Exploit Pack

Exploit Pack is a toolkit that automates finding and exploiting security vulnerabilities in web applications. It allows you to easily create custom-use packs based on your specific needs and targets. It comes with various pre-made modules for common web application vulnerabilities like SQL injection, cross-site scripting, file inclusion, remote code execution, and many more.

Whether you’re an experienced penetration tester or just starting in the field of information security, Exploit Pack can help make your job easier by automating much of the manual work involved in identifying and exploiting commonly found vulnerabilities.

Benefits of using Exploit Pack

Support for a wide variety of exploit frameworks, including well-known ones like Metasploit and Core Impact, is one of its most essential characteristics. This indicates that you may use Exploit Pack to quickly perform exploit tests on your target website or web application and discover any vulnerabilities.

Exploit Pack includes several modules that can be used to perform advanced tasks, such as determining the user agent used for each request or automatically capturing screenshots after a vulnerability has been successfully exploited. This is another of its many useful qualities.

This makes the entire testing process far more accessible and effective, enabling you to spend less time on manual duties and instead concentrate on carrying out more complicated testing approaches to locate security flaws.

Why Choose Exploit Pack?

Exploit Pack is one of the best options if you’re a developer looking to make your life easier. Its powerful features and intuitive interface make penetration testing quick and easy – keeping you on top of potential vulnerabilities so that you can focus on maximizing business opportunities.


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Exploit Pack gives developers powerful tools for identifying and mitigating application flaws. Its built-in capabilities include automated vulnerability detection, manual vulnerability verification, code analysis, and dynamic scanning to pinpoint security issues before they become significant problems.

Core Impact Pro

Core Impact Pro is the most all-encompassing software solution for analyzing and evaluating the organization’s security vulnerabilities. Core Impact Pro performs testing across a wide variety of potential dangers, including the following:

  • Passwords & identities
  • Endpoint systems
  • Mobile devices

Benefits of using Core Impact Pro

Using Core Impact Pro can give you a lot of great benefits, such as understanding the security state of your network and devices connected to it, detecting vulnerabilities and exploits on your network assets, and getting detailed remediation instructions on how to fix detected issues.

Plus, the software is easy to use and doesn’t require extensive information security or programming expertise, making it accessible to many users.

Why Choose Core Impact Pro?

Featuring powerful penetration testing tools, as well as coverage for a wide range of operating systems and devices, Core Impact Pro helps you find vulnerabilities in your environment and fix them before they’re exploited. Whether you’re just getting started with security testing or looking to take your skills to the next level, this software has everything you need.

With features like automated red teaming, advanced reporting capabilities, and a customizable interface to suit any user’s needs, Core Impact Pro makes it easy to execute complex attacks on multiple targets at once.

Cobalt Strike vs Armitage vs Metasploit

Cobalt Strike, Armitage, and Metasploit are all powerful tools for pen testing and hacking. Each has different strengths and weaknesses — but which tool is right for you?

Features  Cobalt Strike  Metasploit Armitage 
Pricing $3500 Per year Free Version Available
Platform Supported  SaaS Windows, Ubuntu Linux Mac, Windows, Linux
Training  Documentation, Live  Documentation  Documentation 
Category  Penetration Testing Penetration Testing, Application Security Network & Admin, Security & Privacy
Java Required  Yes No  Yes 
Customer Support Online  Business Hours  Online 

Ultimately, the choice of the best red team framework tool depends on your needs and budget, but these three compelling platforms can help you quickly conduct effective pen testing!

Bottom Line

Red teaming is an essential thing for your organization’s security purposes. However, there’s one question that you need to ask yourself; when you perform red teaming, do you use any of these best red team frameworks? If not, you should continue using these to improve security practices. Find the best C2 framework for red teaming that caters to your needs the most by comparing the benefits of each option

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