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Artificial intelligence is a huge topic with immense scope. Technology is growing at an expeditious rate helping us to improve our quality of life in every aspect. Beginning from shopping, security, and self-driven cars AI is everywhere. ChatGPT created a boom in the last few months, there are multiple other AI websites that help professionals in their day-to-day work.

Artificial intelligence will never stop amazing us with the creative ways it can help us. This article will provide you with examples of how you can boost your content creation skills with the help of AI tools.

Clip Drop – One Spot for Apps, Plugin, and Resources for All Creators

Website URL:

Source: Clip Drop

Clip drop is an amazing AI website that helps content creators to create remarkable visuals in seconds. There are so many features to this website, such as.

  • Background Removal HD
  • Cleanup Pictures HD
  • Relight HD
  • Image Upscaler x2 & x4
  • Web Editor
  • ClipDrop iOS
  • ClipDrop Android
  • Text to image
  • Replace background
  • Text Remover

Clip Drop API is also available, which helps you to integrate clip drop with any of your products.

Pricing: Some features are all time Free such as background removal, relight, etc. The pro version is just 249₹ a month. 

Booth AI – Your Personal AI Photographer

Website URL:

Source: Booth AI

Booth AI provides you with high-resolution pictures (4k) by just describing your needs in simple English. The image can be created just with AI, or we can upload sample pictures (not professional) and ask you to modify that by describing your requirement in text format. Booth AI uses Generative AI, which allows using machine learning to build creative ideas. The usage is quite simple.

  • Upload an image for reference
  • Provide a text input describing your requirement
  • Receive your image

Pricing: There will be free credits provided upon sign-up. There are upgrade plans starting from $95 a month ( ) 

The below screenshot shows an image that was created stating my requirement. We can adjust the filters and achieve the required result.

PICTORY – A Complete Video Marketing Toolkit

Website URL:

Source: Pictory

The advanced Artificial Intelligence Used in Pictory will help in creating whole content which can be shared across social media platforms. Some of the key features provided by Pictory are:

  • Can convert scripts into videos (with video footage, music, and voiceovers)
  • Automatically Transform Blog Posts into attractive Videos.
  • Automatically add captions to your video
  • Extract a short video from a long video

The capability of this tool is remarkable. This will really help content creators on a daily basis.

Pricing: The free trial version includes creating 3 video projects of up to 10 min duration. The standard pricing per month starts from 19$ a month, where 30 videos a month can be created. (

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STOCKIMG.AI – Your Complete Designer


Source: Stockimg.AI

Stockimg.AI is an amazing tool that can be used as your personal designer, which helps generate images with the help of Artificial Intelligence. This website can help you with this.

  • Book cover
  • Wallpaper
  • Poster
  • Logo Designing
  • Stock image
  • Illustration
  • Art and much more

You can even see a splendid image created by artificial intelligence if you visit their website. After signing up, you can simply describe your requirement in simple English, and the AI will do the rest.

Pricing: 1 free credit will be provided to you upon logging in to the website, and the starter plan starts from 19$ a month, where you get 500 image credits, to begin with. (

DALL·E 2 – Images for Your Imagination

Website URL:

Source: DALL·E 2

DALL·E 2 is a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence website that can create realistic visuals and artworks based on natural language descriptions. This website is from OpenAI, which most of us are familiar with because of the famous ChatGPT. Features provided are

  • Original, realistic images from text description
  • Expand images beyond the original canvas
  • It can edit an existing image by adding or removing elements from a natural language caption
  • It can create a new image taking inspiration from original

Explore their website to find the amazing capability of this AI tool. If you have credentials for OpenAI that can be used to access all tools developed by OpenAI

Pricing: Upon logging in, 50 credit points will be provided for free after that, we can purchase 115 credits for $15.

ElevenLabs – Most Realistic Speech Software

Website URL: https://beta.elevenlabs.

Credits: Eleven labs

These AI tools help you to convert text into top-quality spoken audio in any voice and style. The audio delivery is adjusted based on the context of the text. The features supported by Eleven lab are

  • Newsletter and blog (you can listen to or turn your newsletter into a podcast)
  • Story telling
  • News articles
  • Audio books

This AI model can grasp the emotions behind the text, so rather than uttering one word, the tool is mindful of how each utterance ties to the former and succeeding text. You can even download your audio and use it for your requirements.

Pricing: It’s mostly free and accessible to everyone. (

Paper Cup – Translate Your Videos

Website URL:

Source: Papercup

This AI tool helps to translate your videos easily with the best voices, which will help content creators to spread their content to a much wider audience. This feature can be used by content creators, media companies, enterprise solutions, eLearning, etc.

Features offered:

  • Voice over
  • Assured Quality
  • Video editing
  • Caption and subtitles

All you have to do is to submit your original video and select the language that needs to be translated, and submit. This AI tool provides the translation within a few minutes, and they have their synthetic voices made much more similar to genuine human voices.

Pricing: The pricing is determined by the complexity and length of the video. We can request a quote from the experts to know more.


Traditionally we listen to how hard work brings success to you, but as technology grows, working smarter and knowing what can help you to grow your business is more important. We hope this article helped in introducing these amazing websites, which will help you boost your content creation skills with the help of AI tools.

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