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AI or Artificial intelligence refers to different technologies that let machines learn, sense, understand and act to extend human capabilities. AI is a boon to modern society; The significant development of AI tools helps us to make our lives easier and more efficient. 

In the previous article, we discussed AI tools that can be useful for content creators. In this article, we will discuss some AI technologies that help you boost your productivity.

Browse AI – No More Copy and Paste

Website URL:

Source: Browse AI

Browse AI is an amazing AI technology that not only helps professionals but will be a great tool for students as well. This is an AI-fuelled web automation tool that will help you in monitoring, data scrapping, and automation. There is a prebuild robot setup that contains popular use cases such as:

  • Product extraction from Product Hunt
  • Company info can be monitored on LinkedIn
  • Video extracted from a YouTube channel.
  • The top post can be extracted from the medium
  • Turning Websites into APIs
  • Monitoring of Price
  • Investment and Finance
  • Intelligence on Business
  • Market research
  • Building of AI/ML product.

And much more.

Some of the other popular use cases include:

This tool has a lot of features to help you boost your productivity. You can check out more about Browse AI on their official website. 

Pricing: You can start a free trial, and later on, the plans start from 39$ a month ( )

GLASP – Highlight Your Notes

Website URL:

Source: Glasp

Glasp is a creative AI technology that helps you to highlight anything on the web on the go. Glasp comes as a chrome extension that helps you to highlight any article or video on the internet and add it to the Glasp homepage. Some of the main features of Glasp are:

  • Highlighting and adding notes (works with YouTube, Kindle, and PDFs)
  • One-click and copy
  • Easy pasting into any note apps
  • Shows your learning on the Glasp homepage

Usechannel- Your Personal Data Analyst

Official website:

Try this AI website if you are tired of manual tasking in Excel. Just connect your database and state your requirement. This website can integrate the four most common data warehouses (Postgres, MySQL, BigQuery, and Snowflake). All the passwords are stored by encryption as per industry standards.

Without knowing SQL, we can get the required info by providing the requirement in plain English. This tool has an excellent visualization of data using any type of chart or design. This tool can be used by any audience despite their technical knowledge.

Perplexity- Search Anything Real Time

Savings: Perplexity</u

Perplexity AI is a very powerful chat engine that gives you very accurate data. Whenever a question is asked, it scours over the internet to provide the best results.


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Rationale – Your Decision Maker

Official Website:

Savings: Rationale

This is a tool that helps managers, business owners, or relevant stakeholders to make important and tough decisions. Rationale is an AI technology that helps you to grow your business.

Working on this tool is very simple. Just enter a pending decision or question into the GPT, and the learning algorithms within this tool will help you to list out all the pros and cons of your query, create a SWOT analysis and conduct a multi-criteria analysis to help you to weigh your options. Some of the features are:

  • Contextual analysis
  • AI- decision making
  • Four decision analysis techniques
  • Multilingual
  • Quick results
  • Cost-benefit analysis

Pricing: It is initially free and, per month 9.99$

WriteSonic – Brother to Chat GPT

Website URL:

Savings: Write Sonic

Write sonic is an AI tool that helps with creating content to grow your business. It helps in writing design captions, blogs, landing pages, advertising copy, and much more. It is basically a freelance writer. It is a powerful copywriting tool that can generate unique marketing content. Some of the features are:

  • Blog Ideas
  • Blog Intros
  • Blog Outlines
  • AI Article & Blog Writer
  • Story Generator
  • Instant Article Writer

Pricing: The free trial version is available for 6250 words. After that, the plan starts from 12.69$ a month. ( )


The right use of these tools will help to grow your business. If you are on a budget and not in a situation to hire more people for your venture, these tools will definitely come handy. Or if you’re expanding your team, check out how machine learning is changing hiring.

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