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It’s considered strange if somebody says they never heard of Python. Still, if you want to know about Python, Python is a general-purpose, versatile, powerful, high-level programming language. Python can be used in both scripting and programming. It’s the most versatile language as it can be used in various landscapes, from small scripts to large complex application developments. It’s the favorite programming and scripting language for cybersecurity professionals either. In the field of AIML, no other languages dominate Python. Python is a different topic of discussion. Let’s leave the Python at this point. Let’s concentrate more on running Python on an IDE like PyCharm on Linux operating system. Before you run a python code on IDE, you will have to install and configure it on your Linux, isn’t it?. Let’s see how to install PyCharm on Linux Mint and Ubuntu and how to create your own project on PyCharm and run a python program.

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