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Deploying printers is in basic pretty simple if you have Print Management installed on a server. I can tell and show with screenshots how you set it up, but there is enough written about that already. The problem I ran into was that users didn’t get the printers on Windows 10. They were not allowed to install the driver.

If you search on this issue you will be pointed at the point and print restriction. The most website tell you to disable this, but update KB3170455  will stop non-admin users from installing the network printers. So the first step is to set up the point and print restrictions correctly:

Set point and print restrictions

Create a computer GPO “Enable _Point_and_print_Restrictions”

  • Users can only point and print to these servers  -> Enabled
  • In the text box, type the FQDN of the print servers. Seperate multiple server with ;
  • When installing drivers for a new connection  -> Do not show warning or elevation prompt
  • When updating drivers for an existing connection -> Show warning only

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Non-Packaged printers

Another issue of update KB3170455 is that only packaged print drivers are supported for deployment, non-packaged drivers will always receive a popup which will obviously cause the deployment to fail. Canon and Xerox driver are not packaged. You can check if you driver is packaged in the printer management. Go to the drivers and look at the column “Packaged”, this should be true.

If there are no packaged drivers available for you printer you can change a registry setting on the print server to “make” the driver packaged.

Open regedit and navigate to :

1.  HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Enviroments\Windowsx64\Drivers\...\Driver name\PrinterDriverAttributes

For Canon drivers set the PrinterDriverAttributes to 5
A rule of thumb is that you can at 1 to the current setting of the PrinterDriverAttributes.