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Deploy Logitech Setpoint silently

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Updated: sep 2017

From version 6.67 you just can install the SetPoint software with the /S flag. For older version you may need to follow the steps below.

You can silently install Logitech Setpoint software, even without a msi file. First download the full installer from the Logitech site and extract the .exe file with 7-zip.

In the extracted folder you will find a setup.ini file, make the following changes:

1.  DefaultLanguage=RegVal("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Logitech\SP6","Language", "NLD")
3.  [Variables]
4.  smartmode=1
6.  ;----- Radio button default value -----
7.  Reboot=0
8.  NoReboot=1
9.  Logi_checkbox_01=0
10. Logi_checkbox_03=>0
12. ;------ Check updater ---------
13. 1a-Updater=0

You can deploy / run the silent install with the following cmd:

1.  Logitech\setup.exe /s

To silently uninstall the Setpoint software, use the following cmd;

1.  "%CommonProgramFiles%\LogiShrd\sp6_Uninstall\setup.exe" /S

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