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Error 1719 MSI installer on Windows 2008 r2

By March 12, 2023June 27th, 2023No Comments

Our Anti-virus application failed to up-date on a terminal server. No big deal I thought, just remove the AV, reboot and re-deploy., well that didn’t workout as expected. It took me an hour and a Microsoft Fixit tool to remove the AV, but the real problem occured during the installation. During the installation I got the following error: MSI error 1719 (Windows Installer services could not be accessed).

There is a lot written about fixing error 1719, involving registering the msiexec.exe, modifying the register, re-installing the Windows Installer but non of it worked. The first thing you should do when you get this particular error on a server, check if you can install an other application, if that works then you known that the installer is working fine.

How to find the real problem

Install the application in question trough a command line:

[code]MsiExec.exe /i “<executable>” /l*v c:\msi.log /qb [/code]

The switches /l*v created a verbose log output in the specified path.
/qb display a basic user interface.

Search trough the msi.log file on error 1719 and look at the events prior to the error. I found the following error “Custom Action Server rejected – wrong context” which let me to the following KB article of Sophos: kb122681. The article refers to MSI error 1911 which I known is caused by the Windows Update KB3072630.

The solution

There are 2 options to fix this issue;

Option 1: Remove the Windows Update KB3072630 and reboot.

Option 2:

  1. Download Microsoft psexec and extract psexec.exe.
  2. Copy psexec to the directory with the installer.
  3. Open an administrative command prompt
  4. Run: psexec -i -s <executable>