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It is almost the best weekend of the year. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up it’s time to find the best Smart Home Black Friday deals for 2022. Your Smart Home is never finished, so this weekend is the best time to buy some new Smart Home gear for your house with a huge Black Friday discount.

I will update this post the whole week with the latest deals for Black Friday. If you found any deal that should be listed here, just drop a comment below and I will add it to the list.

I tried to order and group the Black Friday deals so you can easier find the products that you are looking for. As always, you will find some great deals on Amazon’s own Echo products. Also, Ring and Samsung have some great deals this year that are really worth waiting for!

Amazon Smart Home Black Friday Deals

Amazon has always had great deals on their own Smart Home products during Black Friday. Below you will find a couple of them. You can find all deals on Amazon products here on this page.

You can find all other Amazon Smart Home Deals here on this page.

Ring Smart Home Deals

No products found.

Lights and Switches Deals

Lights are the number one smart home device in a smart house. Below you will find some of the best Black Friday deals for 2022.

Doorbell and Video Black Friday Deals

No products found.

Smart Robot Vacuums

Vacuuming the house is a time consuming chor that needs to be done often multiple times per week. Smart vacuum robots, like the Roomba or Roborock can save you a lot of time. Black Friday is the perfect moment to buy a smart vacuum robot.

One personal tip, if you have the budget, go for one with a suction station so it empties it self. Otherwise you will have a new weekly task of emptying the robot.

Other Black Friday Smart Home Deals

Below are some other interesting smart home deals that you can find this Black Friday:

Wrapping up

I hope you found some great deals on this list. If you come across any other Smart Home Black Friday deals just drop a comment below and I will add it to the list.

In the coming days I will try to update the list daily with new deals, so check back the coming days so you don’t miss anything.