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The Amazon Prime days are this year on 12 and 13 July. As always we can find some great smart home Prime Day deals on Amazon. Just like in past years, we can expect some great deals on Amazon devices, like the Echo speakers and Ring products.

Below you will find a list of some of the best Smart Home deals that I found for this year on Amazon. Have you found another great deal, then share it in the comments below!

Amazon Prime Member

Now the Amazon Prime Deals are only for Prime Members, but if you are not a Prime Member you can still get the best deals. Just simply sign-up for the 30-day free trial! After the Prime Days, you can always cancel your membership if you want it 😉

Besides the normal Prime Days, we also have the Early Prime Deals, with some interesting deals that you can get right now, like the Echo Dot (4th Gen), now only $ 19.99, saving you 60%!

Also this year you will get a free Sengled Bulb with Echo devices.

Amazon Prime Smart Home Deals 2022

Below you will find the Smart Home Amazon Prime Deals 2022. I will update this article when new deals show up or when I get info about upcoming deals. Just keep checking this page to see if you don’t miss any smart home deals.

The Amazon Prime Days are already started in Europe. I have seen really great deals on many Smart Home products, for example, up to 30% discount on Philips Hue lights. I have listed all the Smart Home deals that I found below:

Smart Lights

Pretty much all smart homes start with smart light bulbs. Just like previous years we can find some good deals on the Philips Hue lights, Innr.

So make sure you get those extra smart bulbs in house before prime days ends!

Smart Home Switches and Plugs

Smart sockerts (plugs) are a great way to make dumb devices smart. Some smart plugs even allow you to monitor the power usage and room temperature making them great versatile devices to use in your smart home.

This year you can save almost 50% on the Amazon Smart Plug. Also the Innr smart plug and Kasa smart plugs are for sale this year. For the EU market we can also find some good deals on the Bosch Smart plugs and Eve Energy plugs.

Smart Home Sensors

Smart home sensors allow you to monitor temperatures, humidity and opened and/or closed detection for windows and doors. These great versatile devices will give you a good insight into your home.

Eufy gives around 30% discount on their Smart Home sensors this year. You can also save up to 30% on SwitchBot sensors this year.

Smart Door Locks

Eufy and August have both smart door locks on sale this year for Prime Day. You can save almost 35% on the doorlocks, which is really a good deal.

Smart Cameras

If you are looking for a new smart camera, then we can find some good deals on the Ring doorbell, indoor cam, spotlight cam and floodlight cameras. You can save up to 35% on the Ring products.

You can also save a lot of money on the Blink cameras. For example, you can save up to 54% on the Blink Mini. Also Eufy has a great deal with up to 40% discount on their outdoor and indoor camera’s and you can save up to 30% on the Kasa cameras.

No products found.

Smart Vacuum Cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaner are really time savers. They clean the house when you are sleeping or at the office. Robot vacuum cleaners can be a bit pricy, so buying one on Prime Day is an excellent choice.

Eufy has for example the 11S on sale during prime day, saving you almost 20%. But also Ecovacs and of course iRobot have some great deals this year. For example, a 50% discount on the iRobot Roomba i7+, saving you $500!

Other Smart Home Products

Amazon Echo

Just like in previous years you will find the best deals on Amazon’s own products. Echo dots and Ring products will have a huge discount. On some products, you can save up to 67%!

No products found.

Amazon Smart Thermostat – Save 30%

Smart Thermostats allow you to save money on your energy bill. You house is only heated (or cooled) when you are home making it much more efficient then a normal thermostat. On Amazon Prime day you can buy a new smart thermostat for only $42!

Ring Spotlight Cam – Save 35%

Just like many other Ring products, is the Ring Spotlight Cam for sale on Prime Day. The Ring Cameras are pretty popular for a good reason. You get a great security camera for a decent price.

The Ring cameras work with Alexa, you can ask Alexa to show the feed of a camera or get alerted when motion is detected. On Prime day the Ring Spotlight Cam is only $140 which is a really good price.

Ring Alarm Kit – Save $130

Making your home secure is getting really affordable on Prime Day. The Ring 14-piece Alarm Kit is only $200 on Prime Day, saving you $130!

The Ring Alarm Kit contains the following items:

  • 8 contact sensors
  • 2 motion sensors
  • 2 keypads
  • A range extender
  • Base station

Ecobee Smart Thermostat – save 28%

One of the most popular Smart Thermostats on the market will be for sale on Prime Day. I have written before about Smart Thermostats, they are a great way to start making your home smarter. And as a bonus, they will save you money on your energy bill as well.

The Ecobee is also an Echo Dot as well because it has Alexa built right into it. It’s one of the most sold smart thermostats on the market, so a really good purchase. Get it on Prime Day and save 28% on your new thermostat.

SengLed Smart Led Multicolor Starter kit

Looking for some Smart multi-color led lights, on Prime Day lots of smart lights from Sengled will be on sale. The discount can get up to 40%.

This starter pack contains the hub and 2 multicolor led lights. They will be around $40 on Prime Day.

Fire TV Recast

Record your favorite shows and sports from channels available in your area through an HD antenna like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, and The CW. With Fire TV you can watch these free over-the-air TV on your TV, Mobile, Fire Tablets, and Amazon Echo Snow.

The Fire TV is in the days before Prime day available for only $129, which is a $100 discount.

Find more information about the Amazon Fire TV here

Amazon Smart Plug

Also, the Amazon Smart Plug will be on sale. These Smart Plugs are ideal to make dumb devices smart and connect them to your Smart Home. It only costs $12.99 on Prime Day, so make sure you check it out.

Lutron Smart Dimmer Starter Kit – save 30%

The Lutron Smart Dimmers are one of the best dimmers you can buy. On Prime Day you can save up to 30% on the Lutron Smart Dimmers.

What we can expect

Just like every year, the best deals will be on Amazon’s own products. What we especially like are the Echo speakers, Blink Cameras, and Fire TV products. Amazon also says that we can expect a lot of good deals on Alexa-enabled devices.

Other deals that are coming up on Prime Day are:

  • Deals on selected Chrome Books
  • Up to 30% discount on connected home devices
  • Good deals on ScanDisk, WD Storage, and memory products
  • Save up to 50% on the TP-Link Switch & Dot Bundle
  • Save up to 45% on Netgear Routers

Amazon Prime Smart Home Deals Conclusion

This year there are some great Smart Home deals on Amazon Prime day. Making your house smarter is a lot more fun with some of these deals.

Which Smart Home deal did you score on Amazon Prime Day?